Fresh posts


Since some time I have a strange pain in my finger. It feels like it's swollen, like the joint cannot move so easily as it should anymore. It started after I had been working in the garden, so I figured it had something to do with the resin in the trees and branches. But that's already something like two weeks ago and it's still not gone yet, so I guess it must be something else. It could still be an allergy, because the air is also full of pollen right now. I'm taking pills for that but the pain is ...


This will be a rainy day and I don’t care. Sometimes it can be so relaxed to have no plans for the weekend. The children are still in their pajamas and we had a late luxury breakfast with eggs and some bacon for the children. It is so nice, quiet and peaceful and I think that is only because it is raining and we don’t feel that we have to do something. The kids have built a tent of blankets in the living room and playing father and mother with a lot of children. I can enjoy these mornings so ...

For real

Uno spends most of the weekend making mental trips to Miami. He reads the guidebook thoroughly, and finds one place more interesting than the other. He has never made a mental journey before. It's never been in his nature and really not even occurred to him. But Miami is different. He's seen it on TV and seen some of the people there, so it's sort of real to him. And the book's no invented story but for real. If you went there you could follow it and do the tours. So it's not as if he's really fantasizing, is it?